A call to action: Striving for racial justice in academic biology

Date and Time
Zoom asu.zoom.us/j/94696434185

Black women and belongingness: An interrogation of STEM education as a white, patriarchal space

Luis Leyva, PhD, Vanderbilt University
Nicole Joseph, PhD, Vanderbilt University

This interactive research presentation engages audience members with empirical data to deconstruct ideas of Black women’s belongingness in STEM education as a white, patriarchal space. Statistics from recent National Science Foundation reports of advanced degrees in mathematical sciences are used along with Black women’s narratives of experience in STEM majors as well as perceptions of instruction in introductory courses. Please come prepared for an engaging discourse and critical reflection to inform more equitable, socially conscious practices in STEM education.

All talks will be posted online afterwards at: saberbio.wildapricot.org/Diversity_Inclusion